CFB Bagotville

Discover this state-of-the-art construction project at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville, designed to create a modern and sustainable facility for the 2 Air Expeditionary Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force.Spanning 15,000 m², the structure features all steel stud framing for durability and flexibility, alongside integrated seismic restraint systems for enhanced safety.

Internally, the facility boasts efficient space utilization with drywall partitions and suspended ceilings, catering to advanced training facilities, classrooms, administrative spaces, and workshops. Externally, advanced fireproofing and robust finishes ensure superior protection, meeting strict military safety regulations.

With sustainability as a core focus, the facility aims for LEED® Silver certification and is poised to be net-zero carbon ready, incorporating energy-efficient HVAC systems, LED lighting, and environmentally conscious materials to minimize environmental impact and operational costs.
This project marks a significant infrastructure upgrade at CFB Bagotville, consolidating operations into a centralized hub that enhances the readiness and operational efficiency of the 2 Air Expeditionary Wing.
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Project Name

CFB Bagotville


Mixed Use Development


Bagotville, Quebec

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