The Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP)

 The Government of Canada is taking steps to rehabilitate and green its heating and cooling plants in the National Capital Region. This massive project consists of a district energy system that is made up of central plants that heat buildings with hot water or steam and cool buildings with chilled water.
The water circulates through underground pipes connected in a loop. This process uses less energy and is more efficient than having equipment in each individual building. This
initiative will modernize the District Energy System which provides heating services to 87 buildings and cooling services to 65 buildings in NCR ( approx. 1.6 million m2 of floor space).  There will be three new plants that will be constructed (Cliff, Tunney Pasture, and National Printing Bureau) in which Soubliere will be tasked with the structural framing and interior finishes.

project information
Project Name

The Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP)


Energy, Industrial Commercial Intuitional


Ottawa, Ontario

Completion Date

Tunneys March 2024
Cliff Phase 1 February 2024
Phase 2 June 2025
Gatineau March 2025

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